Nope, no Germany trip-we cancelled it since our family members over there are too busy on the weekdays.


Currently, V’s on vacation. I admittedly miss him a bit.

Time to really distract myself and be beyond productive.

There’s a possibility I may be flying to Germany tomorrow to celebrate Germany’s FIFA semifinal win and enjoy watching the finals alongside my family over there (yes, the game is in Brazil but Germany is the team we’re supporting). 

If so, I do need to pack after finishing a graphic design commission and doing a few chores around the house.

In other news, I am waiting for Kim Hyuna’s solo comeback. Can’t wait! I still need to grab her second solo album Melting but I have almost everything else she’s been involved in. I never know what to expect from Cube Entertainment in their management of this girl but I’m going to hope they finally give her a concept where she fits more naturally. And I do mean hip-hop/badass when I say that. Harkening back to the days of her debuting with her single Change. I love Bubble Pop but I do involuntarily cringe every time I watch the MV for it. As for Ice Cream, I don’t really like it but it’s made its way into being my alarm clock due to its being so loudly obnoxious. Hey, it’s bound to wake me up. The saving grace of Ice Cream’s MV is Hyuna herself-she has the prettiest eyes.
(The song itself is also really catchy…so it makes me dislike it a little less but man, I much prefer Change, A Bitter Day, 4Minute’s Superstar, 4Minute’s Volume Up, 4Minute’s HUH, 4Minute’s WHY)
I usually prefer her activities with Trouble Maker and I’m a 50/50 on whether I prefer her activities with 4Minute (Cube, if you stop using Brave Brothers to produce for your artists, I will be on board 100% with everything 4Minute does, BRING BACK SHINSADONG TIGER).

There’s a long explanation for why I’m absolutely drawn to Hyuna although there are far more talented entertainers out there. Oh, I know everyone in the industry can probably sing better or whatnot-but I have many, many reasons for why she’s my number one. Some are really personal too. I wouldn’t say she’s my idol, no, that kind of titling belongs to the likes of Lee Hyori the goddess, but I’d say I do feel connected to Hyuna.
Right now though, I won’t mention why this girl is basically my personal avatar.

Why do youngsters nowadays say “slay” after every three sentences? Is this what’s popular, amongst other oddities? I’m going to be standing far over there in the finally-too-old-for-current-slang corner and pretend I’m not cringing slightly when watching kids gleefully stab the last of the English language to death. (Sorry, I do not have hope for this generation-but let’s hope for some good, as language is now changing faster than ever due to globalization and some other factors that would bring about some fast albeit sharp changes. Change takes you to places you’d never guess you’d end up at.)

Not very coherent. One of these days I’ll write a proper essay.


About the new song “Nice Body”:

I have no idea how anyone could royally screw up what was supposed to be a sexy solo debut music concept with T-ara’s Hyomin in it. It’s Hyomin. You’d think that by default, this couldn’t have gone wrong at all. CCM, you get a F- for this one.
Nice “try” on trying to touch upon an eating disorder message but it’s really not very obvious to those who are foreign fans (Like myself? I’m not even Korean, I just read). The entire project is wholly misguided, it’s all over the place. Trying to make a bright coloured “satire” MV with dark undertones doesn’t really work with this one, especially if you’ve got a shitty producer like Brave Brothers making your track. A good 90% of your listeners probably will only think that this MV is promoting ladies trying to lose weight to be noticed or loved. Additional points off (if possible) for making Hyomin look more like Miley Cyrus than Lee Hyori. C’MON CCM, WAS IT THAT HARD TO RECREATE HYOMIN’S “LOVE SUGGESTION” IN A MV FORM? Also, I can’t even remember what the song sounds like. No points.

You get 0.001 points for reminding me why beauty ideals in society are so fucked up. It’s food for thought. However, I’m pretty certain other viewers will only get their anger fed, particularly those who are more touchy about the subject of weight/beauty.
I just read this in the Hyomin tag on tumblr and I’m sad..disturbed, to say the least: x

Don’t even know if the song can be interpreted as a satire anymore when reading Hyomin’s interview. Her responses sound pretty robotic and to be honest, I think our darling is just as much a victim of media/culture as any of us are. “This song has lots of lines in the lyrics that make you want to go on a diet so it was a big motivation for me when exercising. I highly recommend that you try doing healthcare while you listen to my song!”

No, no, no. This song isn’t even about healthcare when you look at the lyrics.. it’s clearly about a goddamned eating disorder/very chaotic self image according to what society wants in juxtaposition with what reality is.

I’m going to bet most of what she says is either practiced or just said as to not cause much controversy for the company.

I support Hyomin in everything she does, being a tool of the music industry like most KPop stars are (Most of them are slaves to the industry-which is not like Western music, by the way, it’s really not. More reminiscent of the classical music wold where everyone’s got to uphold a certain image and constantly perform perfectly under intense scrutiny, where everyone is micromanaged as fuck. No music industry makes me think more of slavery than KPop, to be honest.). I don’t know how much say she really has in anything (probably none, knowing KPop) but man. This just makes me disappointed. Not in her but in society doing as I’d expect. I just always, always hope that society would do better because I know they CAN. Question is whether they ever will. 

Shortcut #1

So in the midst of my being scared again about art, all of it-especially this field I really want so much to work in-I went to click around on one of the Photoshop tutorial links V gave me (How does he always have so many links to these things? It’s magic, I’m telling you.) and of course, I find MAGIC. 

Should I even be surprised at this point?



I was reading through one of the tutorials and found that the concept artist who made the tutorial, mentioned using a program called Google Sketchup. It wasn’t something I ever heard of but it looked useful-especially since more than anything, I absolutely hate drawing the correct perspective lines for rooms/environments. I could do it, it just takes freaking forever to get it right. You should have seen my million drafts of the last one I did, man, that was a killer. All those bookshelves from that terrible tilted perspective.

After downloading Sketchup Make (Sketchup Pro costs money I don’t have. But if I ever get my hands on it…it’d be Christmas), I opened up the program to see what I’d get. There was a “Getting Started” tutorial that caught my eye and when I clicked it, bam


I was sold. My heart went beating with every new line drawn on the video.


V mentioned that these artists always had shortcuts for doing things the way they did.

Goddamn, I just stumbled across shortcut #1 thanks to him and it is the most glorious thing, ever.

(I do wonder what the difference between Pro and not, is. And I wonder if I can open up Sketchup Make’s images as flat images in PS. There has to be a way. After all, that guy from deviantart did it.)

(P.S. Mentally shaking Noa now, not for his cutting off contact with me but for his always making me do so many things the long way in PS!)

I’ll soon write entries that aren’t just diaries, I promise.

There’s a lot I have to say, and often think on.

Though I am happy, it’s true I have a raging anger that once, when I was much younger, never existed as I couldn’t even find it in me to ever /feel/ that strongly. Maybe I had weak resolve, maybe I was just too sad then. Now, I’m to my own surprise, a fire that would be better off not being started. My contentment (I’m content, just easily pissed) may be higher if I decide to keep myself detached from everything going on around me but I’m not an artist or writer anymore if I do that.
Would I even have anything left if I unplugged myself from all outlets of creativity? (I personally don’t think so. This was always my higher calling.)

I’d also function pretty robotically without emotions-until I finally would implode from the frustration of feeling so empty. How anyone else lives like that, I don’t know. But mine does require being inundated by passion in the mind, heart, and soul all. Otherwise, I can’t do with it.

It kills me every time I come back to any Disney related place, when I’m reminded (especially when placed in a biography hall/exhibit on Walt Disney himself), how much I really, really want to work for Disney. Not as an animator or a game designer either. All my wishes are voiced when I read Disney’s old quotes, listen to his videos. I just don’t know how to carry them out yet. Yet. Disney was a man far ahead of his time and he was in many ways, and still is-someone I look up to the most. I’d love to have worked with him on a personal basis. What a dream.